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Imagine equipping today's youth with the financial wisdom that many adults wish they had learned in school. This is the essence of Basic Financial Education - 1st Year of High School.

Designed specifically for High School Math Teachers, the lesson plans transform the often complex world of financial education into engaging, relevant, and easily applicable lessons.

The lesson plans and educational games are ready to be integrated into your curriculum easily and practically, encompassing everything you need to make financial education accessible, fun, and engaging.

The book contains 8 fully prepared lesson plans (you can deliver one lesson per month for 8 months, two lessons per month for 4 months, or within whatever regularity you find most relevant). Each lesson plan includes:

  • Teacher's Guide

  • Lesson Guide

  • Worksheets for Individual Activities

  • Worksheets for Pair Activities

  • Math Problems

  • Card Games for Group Activities

  • Topics and Questions for Debates

  • "Gateway to the Real World" Homework Assignments

  • Exit Tickets

* The Worksheets and Card Games for each lesson are ready for download and printing, ensuring you have everything you need at your fingertips. Instructions for the free download of all materials can be found in the book's Appendix.

Material para Download.JPG

From practical budgeting skills to early investment strategies, the lessons combine theoretical knowledge with interactive experiences, to help you transform the way financial education is taught.

By equipping young people with financial skills – skills that promote independence, responsible decision-making, and the practical ability to navigate the financial world with confidence – you are investing in your students' personal and professional success.



The Skills For Life Series brings you books with lesson plans and educational games that serve as a bridge between the academic curriculum and the practical needs of daily life. This multidisciplinary material offers you the opportunity to teach life skills directly linked to your subject.

With these lesson plans, you have the chance to use your discipline to address some of the most significant issues and challenges faced by youth and present valuable knowledge that will help them thrive in both their professional and personal lives. It's a pleasure to be with you in this common goal!

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