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Who We Are

IASEA is an Institute of Education and Research that produces Educational Material and promotes Workshops on Social and Emotional Learning and Environmental Education.

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Adriana Perusin
Founder and Executive Director

Public Relations with specialization in Educational Program Management and International Technical Cooperation for Development. She worked on several intersectoral projects in partnership with Multilateral and Bilateral Development Agencies such as UNDP,  UNESCO, DFID, MINBUZA, among others. Passionate about education as a tool for social transformation, Adriana founded IASEA as an education provider focused on Social Impact.

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Mariane Fornari
Socio-emotional Program Coordinator

Social Scientist with an MBA in Public Management, Specialization in Neuroscience and Behavior, and Master Coach by the Latin American Coaching Society. Experience in coordinating several training projects for young people and adults in communities in Brazil and Cape Town. Mariane coordinated the Na Responsa Program, an education network formed by 30 NGOs in 4 Brazilian states.

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Grazi Giacomo
Socio-environmental Program Coordinator

Graduated in Biological Sciences, with an MBA in Museum Management. Educator and Manager of Research and Conservation Projects, she coordinates programs aimed at integrated conservation, sustainability, environmental education, museum communication and scientific dissemination. With several published works, Grazi has extensive experience in teaching biological sciences to young people.

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Julia Fleischeuer
Social and Environmental Program Supervisor

Writer, graduated in Creative Writing for Games from Vancouver Film School. With an early interest in Zoology, Julia did an internship at the age of 16 at the USP Zoology Museum - São Paulo, and  at 17 at the Natural History Museum in Rotterdam.  Assists in the development of projects, educational materials and games focused on Biodiversity Preservation and Sustainable Development.   


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